PFL Community Guidelines

Please read through these PFL Community Guidelines, rules and policies in their entirety before joining the Personal Family Lawyer® or Family Business Lawyer™ membership programs. If you would like to review your Membership Agreement, please email

All members are required to abide by these guidelines and the Agreement, whether you have read the guidelines and the Agreement, or not.

Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be

Your membership as a Personal Family Lawyer or Family Business Lawyer is the opportunity to be the kind of person and lawyer you’ve not only always wanted to be, but that you’ve always wanted to work with.
Here’s how to be that kind of lawyer — with all the success, abundance, prosperity and joy:

  • Maintain your bar license in good standing. (In fact, by signing up you warrant your license is in good standing, you have and will satisfy all CLE requirements, and will always honor all ethics rules and duties.)
  • Ensure all obligations are paid on time, not just to us, but to your team and other vendors. If at any time you find that you need to be late on a payment, communicate often and early. If you have not learned to manage cash flow, we can help you with that, but only if we know you need help in time for you to take action. So don’t hide. If you find yourself in a financial situation that you have not faced before, as will happen as you are growing your business, talk to your coach, email us, or get on a coaching call with one of our Mentors. We are here to support you to keep moving forward, through the challenges.
  • Run your law practice like a business:
    • incorporate,
    • set up your business and trust accounts,
    • pay yourself via payroll,
    • maintain your malpractice coverage,
    • hire a bookkeeping team and review your weekly and monthly financial reports diligently and with understanding,
    • don’t plan to do it all alone — anticipate hiring a Client Services Director and expanding from there into a full service support team, on or off-site, if you are building beyond the Solo Practitioner model,
    • plan well for taxes — be smart about living the entrepreneurial lifestyle and deduct as much as you can,
    • build a lead-generating website and create a relationship with your prospects, clients, and referral sources via regular, personalized yet leveraged communication,
    • automate as much as you possibly can using the technology and tools we have available for you,
    • create systems for recurring revenue so you get paid for the relationship you provide to your clients,
    • use all of the material and resources we license to you as long as you are a member in good standing
  • Practice the 4 agreements, shared in the book the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:
    • Be impeccable with your word.
    • Don’t take anything personally.
    • Don’t make assumptions.
    • Always do your best.
    • We welcome all concerns, questions or unmet needs that you have. We ask that you express concerns, questions or unmet needs with respect at all times.
    • If you’d like to learn more about speaking kindly, respectfully and compassionately (not something we are always taught in law school!), please watch the virtual C4 trainings that are part of your membership, and definitely join us live as soon as that’s possible for you, to practice communicating in a new way.
  • Speaking of respect, please respect our intellectual property. We know what we have created here for you is inspiring and it may spark your creativity. If so, great! You may build on anything we license to you and customize it to fit the flavor and feel of your law practice. But, please note that it does remain my intellectual property. If you terminate your membership, you will need to discontinue use of all licensed material and content, even that which you have customized because it is a “derivative work.”
  • Free free to make it better. We have priced the ongoing membership to provide you with resources at a cost that is more affordable than you would be able to replicate on your own. If you have gone beyond mere customization and created a whole new system, I’m always happy to discuss joint venturing or partnering with you to make your creations available to the rest of the members. Simply email us and let’s discuss.

What Happens If You Don’t

We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. If you are not kind or respectful, you will be released from membership as a Personal Family Lawyer or Family Business Lawyer, and we will not refund you. You are responsible for your experience here.

Our Membership has had a long history of being drama-free and love-filled. Let’s keep it that way!

Ask for What You Want

Each month, we create new articles and newsletters and marketing campaigns for you to use in your own local community. This is in addition to the weekly coaching webinars with the mentors, and monthly accountability coaching call you receive.

If you want us to create something specific, simply ask. Your request will be put in queue and we’ll do it at the first available time. The best place to make a request for something new is in the private member’s forum. You can access that here:

If you have created something new that you want reviewed by our coaches, mentors or by Ali, simply post it in the forum and tag the people you would like review from.

Yes, this requires vulnerability. We welcome that here.

Get Vulnerable

I know, it’s difficult for us lawyers to be vulnerable. Yet, it’s required for your success. So we’ve created an EXTREMELY safe space for your vulnerability.

No question is dumb. All inquiries are welcome. If you wonder, so does someone else.

You are not expected to know everything. We understand that you are in a process of transformation and we are here to support you through that transformation.

Know this: before you breakthrough, there will be a breakdown. If there isn’t a breakdown, you may not be stretching enough into your next level. Breakdown is usually a necessary precursor to your next level and how you handle breakdowns is a major determiner of future success. If everyone could be successful, they would be. But, if everyone is not successful, though we all have access to the same resources, what makes the difference? How breakdown is handled. People who achieve their goals do not allow challenges or roadblocks to get in the way. They see breakdowns as opportunities to learn, grow and keep moving forward.

So, if you have a breakdown, we want to hear about it. It’s the only way we can help you through it and to the other side. And we have many resources to support you, so if you do find yourself in breakdown reach out to your personal coach, and ask for help.

Stay Focused on Your Desired Outcome

Come into your membership with clarity around what you would love for your practice to look like when it’s “done.” Be willing for this vision to change and grow. As you hit one “done” another finish line will arise. Doesn’t it always?
Also remember to regularly take time to acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much you have accomplished. Celebration is far under-rated among lawyers, and we encourage you to celebrate yourself at each step in your process. A continued focused on taking each next baby step and then celebrating your progress, not your perfection, will add up to a life and law practice you love, so long as you’ve properly identified the desired outcome you want, and follow your coaches guidance on the next step to take.

Put on Your Entrepreneur Hat

As lawyers, we have been trained to focus on what doesn’t work, find the risks and operate only on 100% certainty. As an entrepreneur (which is what you are stepping into here), you must learn to take off your lawyer hat and put on your business owner hat, which means doing the opposite — focus on what is working, find creative ways to go beyond risk and operate with 30% certainty at any given time, learn from our experiences and try again.

Take Personal Responsibility for Your Membership

We give you the license to use a tremendous number of resources as part of your membership. It would take you years to use all of them, and it’s not necessary that you do to experience success. In fact, if you tried to use everything, rather than lasered in on exactly what you need, and just use that, you’d take much longer to reach your success.

Your success path is specific to you. Part of the personal responsibility you have as a member is to get clear on where you want to go, based on your income desires, how much (or how little) you want to work, the size team you want to lead, and the capacity you want to have to serve clients, and your coach will support you to laser in on the specific resources and steps to get there.

If you decide you do not wish to continue your membership, you must make sure that all licensed materials from New Law Business Model are removed from your website, social media channels, directory listings, and in your office. Once this is completed, you can cancel your recurring membership by sending an email to

If you send an email and do not receive confirmation that your email has been received, your cancellation is not effective. Email again. You can also call 844-785-8532 at anytime.

Termination of membership is subject to the terms of the Membership Agreement, which you can read here.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for membership.

Things Will Change & We Hope Those Changes Are Always for the Better

The membership programs WILL change. This is an evolving, transforming resource and community. In most cases, we will let you know before changes happen. In no event will your membership fee increase, even if we increase fees across the board (which we will do from time to time). The benefit of joining us sooner rather than later is that once you join at your membership rate, your base rate is fixed for life and your fees will only increase if you decide to add on additional services.

We will be constantly adding new resources, and (we hope) making things better, easier to access, and use. If you ever discover that one of our changes does not improve your experience, of course let us know. And if you are aware of improvements you’d like to see, let us know. We are here to make your life and law practice better. That’s our reason for being in the world, and we are 100% dedicated to your success.
Congratulations, and welcome to your new life as a Personal Family Lawyer or Family Business Lawyer! We are so glad you are here.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Testimonials & examples used are exceptional results, and should not be interpreted as typical. Please do not infer that these examples are promises or guarantees of earnings, or of same/similar results. Every person is different, and each person’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee you will earn any money.