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Our Life & Legacy Planning Program gives you everything you need to learn how to use the new law business model to serve families as a trusted advisor, and get paid (on average) $3,000 to $5,000 per estate plan, by clients who love to work with you.

Program Overview

Below is a brief overview of what is included in this program.

Module 1: Your New Mindset and Money Goals

In this module, you will create your personal blueprint for creating a law practice you truly love. Even if tempted to do so, do not skip this module, as it lays the foundation for you to keep going, even when it’s hard, which is the key to your ultimate success.

Module 2: Take Back Your Time and Set Up Your Calendar for Success

In this module, you’ll learn how to efficiently manage your time to complete this program and meet your personal time and money goals. Learn how to take back your time and have full control and accountability of your intentions. Develop a healthy relationship with money and learn how to use the resources you have to build a life and law practice you love while earning the money you need to have the life you want.

Module 3: Understand the Basics of Estate Planning - the NLBM Way

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of estate planning documents, what makes an NLBM Personal Family Lawyer®️ plan different, and why most plans fail. You’ll be able to identify the errors in existing plans and how to create the plans your clients need to ensure they, their family and their assets are able to be properly cared for in the event of incapacity or death.

Module 4: Learn Estate Planning Beyond the Basics

In this module, you will gain a clear understanding of some of the complexities and more advanced issues that can arise when planning an estate.

Module 5: Create (or Upgrade) Your Own Estate Plan

In this module, we dive into the documents and processes that you will need to complete your own estate plan the NLBM way. Through each lesson, you will gain the experience needed to confidently walk your clients through each of the important elements of an estate plan that is much more than a stack of documents, by doing it for yourself first.

Module 6: Understand the Basics of Serving Business Owners – the NLBM Way (Upgrade Only)

Module 7: Setup the Legal Basics for Your Business Owner Clients (Upgrade Only)

Module 8: Understand the LIFT Needs of a Business from the Business Owner’s Perspective

In this module, you will go through the LIFT system and learn how we teach business owners about the legal, insurance, finance, and taxes foundations they need to understand so they will be able to make the best choices for their business.

Module 9: Set Up Your Own LIFT Systems

In this module, you will implement the Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax systems in your own business the NLBM Way. Just like on the estate planning side, and the way you become congruent by starting with your own plan, on the business planning side, you become congruent by getting your own legal, financial, and tax systems in place for your own business. Here, we’ll guide you to see the legal, insurance, financial, and tax holes in your business, and then fill them.

Module 10: Prepare For and Find Your First Two Practice Clients

In this module, you’re going to prepare for your practice clients by writing your new firm story, your new bio, identifying who you serve and where to find them! Your new story will illustrate not only what you do, but also why the traditional model of estate planning is broken and how the ways you practice will result in a dramatically different outcome for your clients (in short, that they’ll have a plan that actually works when their loved ones need it most). By the end of this module, you should be ready for the next steps of building your prospect list and engaging your first two practice clients.

Module 11: How to Handle Intake of New Prospects

In this module, we’re going to begin to teach you how to convert your prospects into clients who are thrilled to pay you premium fees, and it all starts with how you handle intake. We give you phone scripts to create a strong intake process, and teach you how to get curious with your prospects so you only meet with people ready to do the right thing for the people they love — and how to answer that pesky question “how much does a will cost” so you can shift prospects from thinking about cost to considering the outcome they really want.

Module 12: Prepare for Client Engagement

In this module, you will receive literally everything you need to get hired every time by every person you sit down with who needs your services. Exciting right? You will also learn how to prepare the meeting folder you’ll take into all of your initial meetings so you are ready to get hired and paid. Finally, you’ll learn how to design your actual office, virtual or in-person, so your clients have a wow experience, plus you’ll learn how and why to automate your client engagement process and other workflow systems so a ball never gets dropped.

Module 13: Practice & Effectively Execute Your Initial Client Meetings

In this module, you will learn to educate, inspire, and empower your prospects to hire you, and pay you for a great service that will make a difference in the lives of their families, (and their business if you’re in the upgraded business program). It’s time to learn to master the Family Wealth Planning Session and, if you are serving business owners, the LIFT Business Breakthrough Session so that no potential client is ever lost.

Module 14: Create the Right Practice Model for Your Life and Law Practice

In this module, explore the ideal practice model for you, so you know exactly where you are going, and can get there with as little worry or doubt as possible. You will clarify how many clients you can serve and how many prospects you can take through your initial meeting process per month, depending on your team capacity, your time availability, and your technology setup. You will also learn how you can step-by-step increase your capacity over time, if you desire, with strategic investing in your practice until you get to your ideal practice model. You’ll also learn how you can fund and grow your business in a positive way so you can build the law practice model of your dreams.

Module 15: Marketing Fundamentals

In this module, we’ll explore how to use no-cost marketing to get your next 5 clients. You’ll learn how to network so it works, generate curiosity in your services, follow up, and add value to other professionals you network with so they refer clients to you in the right way to avoid wasting your time, or theirs.

Module 16: Virtual Office

In this module, you will receive the resources and teachings needed to make your law practice virtual; from lead generation to virtual signings. You will learn how to build community and attract clients to your business online. You will also be given resources to support you with educating your community through webinars and social media content. Finally, you will understand the ins and outs of running a virtual law practice that can thrive sustainably into the future.

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    I cannot count the number of clients who have cried and thanked me after completing their estate plan with my office. They walk away with so much gratitude and relief knowing that they’ve done what they can to protect those they love, and that they’ve got a personal lawyer they can call throughout their life to help them. Since implementing NLBM, I have tripled my average fee. I am building a law practice I truly love, as well as one that is starting to pay the bills. NLBM rocks!

    — Pantea F

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    Practicing law before was scary and a bit out of control. We tried to put in systems but they just were not thought through. After implementing systems in the NLBM way, I have been very successful. I am so grateful that I found a group of lawyers that I am so aligned with, and am confident that the NLBM coaches are ready to support me. This has also helped me grow in a way that I am very proud of, which carries over to every facet of my life.

    — Laura C.

Support For Program Success

To ensure you have success in this program, there are three layers of support that are included with your investment in the Life & Legacy Planning Program and three that are provided on a trial basis:

Support (Included)

  1. Knowledge Base: Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base containing a complete collection of instructional articles and videos with answers to your most frequently asked questions.

  2. Support Ticketing: Unlimited opportunity to connect directly with our Support Concierges and have your urgent questions addressed via email.

  3. Dedicated Facebook Group: Unlimited access to our dedicated Facebook Group delivering an interactive environment that promotes additional community support and communication with other member lawyers and NLBM staff.

Mentor Support (90 Day Trial Subscription)

  1. Forum: 90 day trial subscription to Forum assistance from other member lawyers, NLBM staff, and Law Mentors providing support with regard to our program content and homework.

  2. Group Coaching Calls: 90 day trial subscription to Group Coaching Calls on topics relevant to the Life & Legacy Planning Program furninshing you with an opportunity to get answers, feedback, and clarification from expert Law Mentors with considerable training and experience. These calls are offered each and every week of the year.

  3. 1:1 Coaching: 90 day trial subscription to monthly 1:1 Coaching providing you with laser-focused attention to help you plan your client’s Life & Legacy.

For a chart outlining which support offerings accompany each of our programs go here.


NLBM's "No-Fail" Guarantee

We are 100% certain that when you do the work as we teach it, our training programs will empower you to transform your law practice, and your life. Additionally, we promise to do everything in our power to not let you fail. We’ve helped a very wide range of lawyers to learn the New Law Business Model, and proudly witnessed them emerge as truly successful, happy lawyers. After training lawyers for over a decade, and knowing what makes the difference between success and failure, we have built the internal systems and created the perfect coaching culture to assure your success. So after 90 days of doing the work you committed to during the sign-up process, if you are still not engaging clients, we will continue to coach you for as long it takes (as long as you stay engaged and follow our guidance), until you recoup your investment in full.

Licensed Materials

Customer shall be granted the right to create one’s own estate plan and to take two paying clients through the Family Wealth Planning Session with use of the Kids Protection Plan®, Family Wealth Legacy Interviews, Funding Toolkit, Family Wealth Inventory, and other Personal Family Lawyer® specific-resources, and LIFT and Money Map to deliver on those allotted plans.

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