Nomination of Guardian – SAMPLE

Amanda Shanks

Instructions: You and your child(ren)’s other parent should both complete individual forms, listing the same guardians. Store this completed form in a secure location where authorities can find it should it be needed. Note that you should not store your forms in a safe deposit box. You can elect to send copies of these forms to your potential guardians, though I recommend against this as your alternate guardians might be hurt to discover they are your second or third choice. Rather, send the Letter to Guardian to each potential guardian, including alternate guardians.

Please Note: This is a sample PDF document to show you what it looks like. To utilize the document for yourself/clients, refer to Module 5 Lesson 8 for instructions on setting up your KPP Drafting system for your first 3 plans. 

This resource is featured in Plan Module & Lesson: 03 - 04 c03 - 04